King Family Vineyard

A family heirloom

Just a short distance north of Penticton, the King Family Vineyard continually produces outstanding white wines. To help manage the vigorous growth, the Kings employ a unique grape vine trellising system called the “Double Scott Henry.” Their objective is to increase light exposure on the leaves and fruit, which helps produce the high quality grapes needed to make spectacular single vineyard wine.
 While the vineyard features south and west facing slopes, nearby Okanagan Lake helps create a microclimate that’s somewhat cooler than the vineyards to the south.
Don and Rod King own and operate the King Family Vineyard. A true family heirloom, the original parcel of land was acquired by their grandfather in the early 1930s. Since then, the site has been continually farmed by at least one member of the King family.






43 acres


Okanagan VQA

Vines Planted


Soil Type

Silty loam, a combination of sand, silt and clay.

Vineyard Wines

Pinot Gris