The Single Vineyard Philosophy

Sandhill was the first winery in BC to adopt a single vineyard winemaking philosophy. What this groundbreaking idea brought to the industry was the notion that each vineyard possesed a unique combination of soil composition, slope, sun exposure, and drainage. As well, each vineyard manager employs techniques that bring subtle influences into the growing environment. These one-of-a-kind conditions inevitably produce grapes with unique characteristics that can be demonstrated in the wines. 
Over the years, keeping with this single vineyard philosophy has proven difficult due to changes in the climate, as well as changes within the market. There are also more vineyards than ever with amazing quality fruit we were excited to get our hands on. We have shifted our focus more towards quality year over year, seeking out the best tasting fruit to make the best tasting wine. This shift in focus allows us more flexibility to bring new vineyards into our family, such as the Casorso Vineyard with their truly unique Sovereign Opal. 
We have decided to maintain the single vineyard philosophy with our Small Lots Program wines. For these wines we still turn to our OV's (original vineyards) such as Vanessa Vineyard, Sandhill Estate Vineyard and Hidden Terrace Vineyard.